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Flame Retardant Application & Products offers Cleaning, Flame retarding applications, Certification services, Consulting and Training.

Our products are properly tested and meet fire code compliance including but not limited to; ICBO, City of LA, State of CA, NFPA, City of NY, U.S. Military, Children's Sleepwear, FAA, ASTME and UL.

We continually train and educate our employees so that you receive the best customer service and treatment possible. We provide technical information to our customers in such a way that it is easy to understand each unique cleaning and flame retardant need.

Las Vegas and surrounding fire department jurisdictions are serious about the safety of the residents, tourists and conventioneers who live, visit and do business here.

It is important that you comply with trier standards on flame resistant materials.

We believe that together, with the right products, people, training and education, we can increase fire safety and stop flames before they spread.

Our goal is to help you avoid potential property damage and expense caused by water from sprinklers and fire hoses.

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FRAP will provide a valid Certificate of Flame Resistance which is registered with the California State Fire Marshal’s office for any items that we treat

FRAP will provide Certificates of Testing for any material for which our technicians perform an NFPA 705 Field Flame Test. The certificate will include the results of the testing of a representative number of samples of the material.